Tuesday, March 27, 2012

booktalk tuesday

The Girl with the Silver Eyes, by Willo Davis Roberts

IndieBound Description:

Katie Welker is used to being alone. She would much rather read a book than deal with other people. Other people don’t have silver eyes—and other people can’t make things happen just by thinking about them.

Katie has a hard time making friends because of her telekinetic powers—the people around her just don’t understand. Katie knows she’s different, but she would never try to hurt anyone. When she finds herself in trouble, Katie seeks out other kids who have silver eyes like hers. But can her newfound friends help her? Should they use their special powers? Will they be forced to?

This beloved classic from Willo Davis Roberts, originally published in hardcover in 1980, is now available as an Aladdin paperback and will enthrall a new generation of eager readers.

My Thoughts:
This was one of my first forays into a "sci-fi" genre, but I didn't know it at the time. I loved the idea of having special powers and this book is one of the best books written about that. I'm so glad it was reissued and with this mysterious cover!