Monday, February 27, 2012

on my desk monday

Covering my desk today is a lovely gift from a school I recently visited. I was given a box of wishes--good luck hopes & dreams for upcoming Rain Dragon by the students. I had a grand time reading them:

The Sasquatch, a big soccer fan, especially liked this one:

I wish that your baby likes to play soccer!
I think this is from a future teacher:

I hope your baby makes good friends ang gets a good education.

It's a tough job market out there for babies, so I'm sure Rain Dragon will appreciate this:

I hope your baby gets a good job.
This ranked high with me:
I hope she gets along with you.

But this one is probably my favorite:

I hope when your baby gets older she will read your books.

I hope she does too! Thanks so much for your good wishes, students!