Wednesday, February 22, 2012

dragons and dogs in Georgia

The weather in New England has been mild--not that much snow--but rather grey. So when my recent visit to sunny Atlanta GA was quite nice. But that was also because of the  lovely students, librarians and teachers I met there, too!  I taught the students how to draw dragons:

But, they seemed to already have a lot of artistic skill already, as evidenced by all the creative projects they did with my books:

yes, the baby belly is starting to bulge!
I particularly enjoyed this project. Students chose an animal they would include in the Chinese zodiac and why. I'd go for the Year of the Platypus, wouldn't you?

And they also drew their preferred dim sum! I like the "spagetee."

At another GA school, I discovered Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is on the Georgia Book Award List! Neat!

And one grade decorated a corner of the school for me, complete with lanterns and dragons!

Is it me, or does my belly look like it doubled in size in one day?

I taught this group how to draw a dog...and I was sent back home with a rainbow of them:

A little bit of GA brightness in New England! Thanks, so much GA students!