Monday, January 30, 2012

on my desk monday

I've been fortunate to be visiting a local school in Wellesley, Ma for many years now. I usually visit the Kindergartners in the Fall and the 4th graders in the Spring and it's been lovely.

Recently, I just saw the 4th graders (I'll post some of their storyboards, later) and it was especially nice. Because this time, clued in by my visit the the Kindergarten, they knew all about Rain Dragon and made me a special gift:

Yes, an advice book on being a good mom!

The advice in this book is poignant and hilarious at the same time. Here are some of my favorites:

Make sure you don't lose the baby when you go shopping in the mall.

Don't be like my parents. Don't drop the baby on it's head.

Always keep an eye on the baby because I know from my own experience. When I was 2 years old my mom left me alone in her bed with some markers and I colored all over the walls (that were white).

All the crying will go away...maybe. So buy some earplugs and a pacifier.

Ha ha! Aren't those great! I'll treasure this book forever!

Thanks so much, fourth graders!