Thursday, April 8, 2010

my wedding things (on thursdays)

And finally, the professional wedding photos!!

I've tried to be patient for these, filling up my time with these Thursday wedding posts... and now they are here! So, this will be the last of my wedding ramblings. Thanks so much for your kind words and patience. All the photos were taken by Jen Ing--aren't they great? If you like them, be sure to comment on her blog to let her know.

So, the wedding began with my dress and beauty help from my flower girl niece, Lily, and wonderful friend (and illustrator) Anna Alter. Also, I had my hair professionally done (by Salon Blue). Yes, I splurged on the professionally (thanks Newbery Honor!) which I realized I really needed after a couple of home experiments. And it was worth it! I loved my curly hair. I wish it could look like that everyday:

Then, Squatchie, Lily and I made our way to the Lyceum restaurant:
Where after walking down the aisle,

and a poetry reading by gifted poetess Elaine,
as well as a Chinese tea ceremony,

We got married!
Which the guest celebrated with bubbles:

And lots of sweets!

Everyone enjoyed their little wooden portraits:
Especially, the new Mr. & Mrs. Squatchie!


Elaine Magliaro said...


Great pictures...of one fine and lovely day!

Ginger*:) said...

Oh Grace, I am so so so happy for you! May you have many years of joy ahead.

yamster said...

Beautiful photos! I love the portraits of people with their cupcake doppelgängers.

cindy said...

i love it! many congratulations on an amazing year, grace!

John said...

Congratulations Grace, wonderful news!

Anne Fernald said...

I am SO SO SO very happy for you!!! Wonderful.

My girls and I were just in Seattle & we went to the AMAZING store Kobo and the inspiring Wing Luke Asian Art Museum. Both places--especially Wing Luke's gift shop--would be great places for your books. (I know you're easy to find at the Kinokuniya store in Uwajimaya, but more is better.)

Cheryl said...

Congratulations, Grace! Thank you for sharing photos of your special day with us. Wishing you much happiness and joy!

catherina said...

I am so happy for you!Congratulations!!!XD :)