Tuesday, January 5, 2010

book talk tuesday

Hey, today is Tuesday! It's the first Tuesday of the New Year, and if you remember from my resolutions I am going to begin a new little series called book talk tuesdays.

On book talk tuesdays, I'll be recommending my favorite middle grade novels. For those of you not in the book industry, a middle grade novel is a novel for about a 3rd-6th grade reading level, usually ages 8-12.

Now, since I am recommending MY favorite novels, you should probably know that my personal preferences lean toward the younger side of the 8-12 range as well as books some people label as "sweet." I, of course, label them as heartwarming and timeless.

In other words, I probably will not be recommending too many "edgy" books but they should be able to be read by the whole family as well as the individual child.

All the books I recommend will be books that I own and have bought (or given as a gift)--I'm not going to be a reviewer for publishing companies. Because of that the books are going to be a mix of old (ones I read & loved as a child) as well as new.

Also, my book talks will probably be short, maybe not more than a summary. I may not say "I LOVED this book" because that will get repetitive week after week. Suffice to say, if I am talking about the book, I loved it!

Will you love the books, too? I hope so! Stay tuned for next Tuesday and my first book talk!