Wednesday, June 3, 2009

party preparations

You know when a girl buys her baking cups in bulk that there is some serious cupcake baking in the works. And I mean serious! It's almost time for my book launch and these cupcakes are my most promising bait to lure you to come. Remember if you get the cupcake with the coin, you'll win your name or likeness in my upcoming book!

So, I have been prepping and prepping. The bookstore asked that I keep refreshments to a minimum and not messy (which is why the cupcakes will be boxed in the goodie bags), so it took me a while to figure out to have as small treats to modestly serve. I felt like I had to offer SOMETHING (do you think that is an Asian thing or just because I have the worst sweet tooth in the world?); so I got a recipe for Sugee cookies from one my favorite blogs (though I always feel like I've gained a pound every time I click on it). They seemed perfect: Asian-esque, small, unfrosted...but surprisingly tricky. This is what her cookies look like:

It took a couple of batches before mine looked like:

Not as pretty, but still pretty yummy! If you come this Sat. you can try them yourself!