Wednesday, June 24, 2009

goofy author indulgences

So, I have to admit I have begun to love doing author photos. I've discovered my inner Cindy Sherman;I'm enamored with the idea of transforming myself for that one photo and making the author photo as much a part of the art of the book as the illustrations are.

If you remember, I first started doing this with the author photo for Where the Mountain Meets the Moon (which will launch on July 1st!) where a glamour studio in Taiwan took me from this:To this: which has ended up:
For some reason, that just made me feel quite jolly and I decided that from then on I was always going to try to have a themed author picture.

Now, my book coming coming out in Spring '10 is "Ling and Ting." It a fun, sweet and silly early reader (grades K-3) featuring Chinese-American Twins in polka-dot dresses and cupcake cameos.

So, my author photo shoot for it includes photos like this:

Which one do you think I should use?


tumbletell said...

(what!? First?!)
One my tiny screen probably print size for a jacket #2 looks best.
Great dress!


Phyllis Harris said...

I really love the first one, Grace!So much fun!!

Anna Alter said...

Oh my god I love these! Where did you get that amazing dress?? I like the last one the best I think.

Grace Lin said...

Thanks guys! The dress I found on eBay, I am such a eBay impulse buyer.

R said...

I like the second one! :>

journeyaround said...

Option C! I am a fellow author/illustrator and discovered your blog- I love it AND I love your books! I never had made the connection between your picture books and chapter books until my daughter brought home "The Year of the Rat". We both loved it and are now reading the sequel. I just ordered your new book as a surprise for her. Hopefully we can bring it to one of your events to have signed- we are on the Cape. You are so creative!

Martha Zschock (author of "Journey Around" series and soon to be released "Hello, Boston!" and "Hello, Cape Cod"... my twin sister does I think she may have contacted you about doing a post after I told her about you. My blog is

Best wishes for the success of your new book! Also love your "Small Graces"!

Grace Lin said...

hmm, I think I like #1 but #2 fits the book better...I am going to let the designer decide, I think.

Hi Martha! Thanks for your nice words, I love doodlebuds. Congrats to you and your sister, I see your books everywhere.