Wednesday, March 25, 2009

table of Menus

I am still traveling in Texas visiting schools daily, which while fun, is admittedly exhausting. But not without highlights! For example, a table full of red origami cranes (just like Menu in Lissy's Friends) from a first grade class:

Even so, I must confess that I am a bit drained, which is why this post will be a bit truncated. But besides the cranes I wanted to share these other tidbits:

1. There was a lovely blog post at Xiaoning's Blog about the anniversary of The Ugly Vegetables. That's better than a card!

2. I was forwarded this link. It's my first review of my new novel (out June) Where the Mountain Meets the Moon! And it's a good one (phew!). Terry Hong of the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program calls it "...definitely a glowing, loving, memorable read." THANKS!

3. I have figured out how to get my blog on my Amazon Connects profile (my last and only post there was in 2006...). Anyway, at least I think I have. If I haven't, don't tell me until after I have had a good night's sleep.


Mrs. Towle said...

We loved your visit here in Frisco! Thank you for the gift of your presence...
On a side note, I mentioned to you at lunch (Friday) of a great Mexican Restaurant you will need to try while in San Antonio.
Here is the link:
Let me know how you liked the fried ice cream...Remember to share with friends! =)

terryhong said...

How fun that I got to be the first reviewer of your fabulous new book! Glad you found my Smithsonian BookDragon blog! Thanks so much for visiting.

For your DC-area readers who might want more information about the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program, please visit us online at And make sure to check out our Public Programs, too ... we'll hope to meet you livetime sooner than later at one of our many events!

Thanks again for visiting BookDragon, too!