Wednesday, March 25, 2009

table of Menus

I am still traveling in Texas visiting schools daily, which while fun, is admittedly exhausting. But not without highlights! For example, a table full of red origami cranes (just like Menu in Lissy's Friends) from a first grade class:

Even so, I must confess that I am a bit drained, which is why this post will be a bit truncated. But besides the cranes I wanted to share these other tidbits:

1. There was a lovely blog post at Xiaoning's Blog about the anniversary of The Ugly Vegetables. That's better than a card!

2. I was forwarded this link. It's my first review of my new novel (out June) Where the Mountain Meets the Moon! And it's a good one (phew!). Terry Hong of the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program calls it "...definitely a glowing, loving, memorable read." THANKS!

3. I have figured out how to get my blog on my Amazon Connects profile (my last and only post there was in 2006...). Anyway, at least I think I have. If I haven't, don't tell me until after I have had a good night's sleep.