Monday, December 8, 2008

oh, christmas tree

While my cousin Austin put up a rather modest Christmas tree,
I decided on something a little more elaborate.
But it is still humble in its own way. Having a slight dearth in Christmas ornaments and a reluctance to buy any, I decided on origami ornaments. In a way it's tribute to my Lissy's Friends book--an opportunity to re-use those folding skills!

Though I have to admit, during the painting of Lissy's Friends the only shape I really mastered was the crane. So it was with great pride that I finally managed the origami lily,

and goldfish.

Now I just need something for the top of the tree. Maybe I should make the Lissy doll an angel outfit!


Linda said...

That would be soooo appropriate!!
My grandaughter sleeps with Lissy when she is here.

Winifred Weng said...

Love the origami! The kids just did some at the bookstore. I know who could help make a Lissy angel outfit...

Anna Alter said...

Oh your tree is so pretty Grace! I love the shiny origami paper next to the lights.