Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So, the deadline for the art of my new novel has been pushed up to…as soon as possible. I’m still determined to do my best quality work; however I know how this song goes. As my illustration activity level escalates to full capacity, my physical activity level diminishes to nonexistence; and #3 of the ten things I’ve learned becomes an unwelcome reality. It is inevitable—the shorter the deadline, the more unhealthier (and chubbier) I become.

And even though I foresee my fatty future, I seem unable to change it. Because not only do I spend my waking hours sedentarily sitting, my eating habits become appalling. My creative brain cells demand candy and pizza, calling labor strikes if I resist. The truth is I am completely unable to create well for extended periods of time unless fueled by unhealthy, high fat food. My focus seems to be sugar driven-- if I remember correctly I was on about three bags of candied ginger a day while writing WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON. I shudder to think what is upcoming...

If anyone has any helpful tips (other than hitting the gym like a maniac when my deadline is over) I'd be thrilled to hear them!


DaisyBug said...

There are worse things in the world than being chubby, Grace. Don't stress about it.

Lissy said...

Ice cream - lots of ice cream!

Lily is quite envious of your diet.

iFred said...

Love your illustration style, Grace!

When I retired from a career in illustration, I thought I'd change my lifestyle and become slim 'n' trim again, but now I live on the computer and that's not good.

I'll start tomorrow - (yeah, right...) LOL

Yoshi and Sylvia said...

heya pacy! from japan! it's Sylvia! dont worry i am getting fatty too! but hmmm, one thing i realized while living here in japan is i naturally got skinny just cuz there IS no pizza or pasta here... all i eat is rice, fish, whatever else i can grab a hold of... but I miss my burritos and pizzas, and french fries... ; ; Hope you are doing well~ love, SYlvia