Saturday, December 15, 2007

red eggs

I am suprisingly social this holiday season, for I found myself hosting a Red Egg and Ginger Party for Maia, Luke and Ranida's new baby.

Unlike the previous event, I was determined to prepare and prepare well for this. So I was quite proud when the eggs were colored, the cupcakes frosted, the rug vaccuumed and even the bathroom was cleaned. I was so organized that there was enough time for me to paint Maia's name sign and do a write-up on what a Red Egg Party actually is for those who might not know. This is what I wrote:

The Red Egg and Ginger Party

Customarily, the first big festivity in a Chinese baby’s life is the Red Egg and Ginger Party. This party is given in honor of a baby’s first month or first moon birthday, signifying it welcome to the family. Until a baby had lived a full month it was not considered part of the family. Consequently, the Red Egg and Ginger Party was an especially joyous occasion.

Eggs represent new life and, because of their roundness, harmony while red is, of course, the Chinese color of luck and happiness. So Red Eggs signify a happy and lucky new life, the perfect symbol to welcome a new baby.

New mothers “sit a month” after giving birth. It is only on the first moon birthday that the new mother is allowed to leave her home and rejoin the world. On this occasion, she is given much ginger, thought to contain special nutrients needed to give the mother strength.

So we welcome Maia with red eggs and Ranida with ginger! Like the love for a new baby, these traditions are timeless.
And everything went swimmingly and everyone seemed to have a lovely time, so I guess my preparation paid off. The popular game of the day was "pass the baby." Really, she was passed around a lot. It was like a very slow and mellow game of hot potato. I was suprised she didn't cry from the constant changing of the guards.

But of course my favorite game was when the guests left and Luke and I finished the day with some Wii...

from which which I emerged victorious.
Sorry, Luke, I'd do a lot for you-- paint a mural, throw your child a party...but I can't let you beat me in Wii tennis. That's where I draw the line.