Sunday, December 9, 2007


The Robert's Snow auctions ended on Friday, and even though I was not as involved with the project as before, I decided to continue the tradition of having the end-of-auction celebratory party. But I had a rather distracting week, so when Friday rolled around I had done nothing to prepare for the party except put up the tree.
But, lucky for me, I have some amazing friends; and faster than you can say blue rose girls...I had a party spread to be proud of...
for my many fine and lovely guests.
It was great seeing and speaking to everyone that came; and it reminded me how wonderful a community the children's book industry is and how fortunate I am to be a part of it. But I have to admit, the highlight of the party for me was when Ben (of Little, Brown) challenged me to a game of wii tennis. I think the exact conversation went like this:

Ben: Grace, I'm taking you down. I'm not afraid of you.
Grace: Bring it on, dude.
Ben: Oh yeah, take that!

Grace:I can take that. Can you?
Ben: HA! Got it! Is that the best you can do?
Grace: No, but this is.
Ben: What the *?%$@#* was that? Eeeks! Okay, I take it back, I am scared.

Poor Ben, he didn't realize that even though I may not prepare well for a party, a wii game is something I'm always ready for.