Sunday, September 9, 2018

A Big Mooncake Show

If you came to my book launch (thank you so much for coming!), you would have seen the real Little Star and I do what she calls "The Show." The Show is really just a little interactive readers' theater that you can do yourself! Below is the downloadable script.

Readers Theater
On the opening pages, Mama and Little Star are making a Big Mooncake in their kitchen. Here are some suggested ways to involve your read aloud audience from endpaper to endpaper.
DOWNLOAD Big Mooncake for Little Star: Readers Theater (PDF)

Of course, the huge mooncake prop that Little Star and I used for the show is a bit more elaborate than what you have to do! Here is a smaller, paper version that you can use:
Moon Nibble
This activity allows you to remove (and nibble) the phases of the moon just like Little Star. This activity pairs well with the Reader’s Theater.
DOWNLOAD Big Mooncake for Little Star: Moon Nibble (PDF)

*See all the Mooncake Activites I have available HERE!
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