Saturday, January 6, 2018

Cold Weather Craft

Brr! It's cold here in New England! But when life gives us bitter cold, we make colored balls of ice!*

It's so easy and so fun! Want to do it to? 

balloons (the inexpensive helium quality kind)
food coloring
a sink with a faucet you can get the balloon around

1.  Mix food coloring of your choice with a small amount of water (2-3 tablespoons) in a cup. Stir it up.

2. Using the funnel, put the colored water into the balloon.

3: Affix the balloon opening to your faucet. Fill balloon with water, slowly.  So that it does't accidentally fall off and make a mess, best to hold the balloon with one hand underneath for support and your other hand holding where the balloon is attached to the  faucet.

4: When the balloon is at your desired size (we made ours about the size as a large grapefruit), detach from the faucet an tie  shut (like a water balloon). Repeat with different colors as desired.

5: Bring the balloon outside and leave overnight.  If possible, do not leave in the snow (we put ours on the porch). If you do put them in the snow, make sure you turn them over sometime in the night as the snow makes a blanketing affect and half of your balloon may not freeze.

6: After the balloons are frozen, take off the the balloon from the ice. After an initial cut the r rubber, it should peel easily

and then, Voila!

Beautiful colored ball of ice! You can make a rainbow!

And the cold weather is suddenly a lot more fun...

*special thanks to Anna Alter for the idea