Thursday, October 5, 2017


I'm giving a couple talks ("Putting the Books to Work" and "The Books are Not Enough") and these are the resources I mention. Posting this here for any attendees that need it:

Places to Help Find Diverse Books

We Need Diverse Books website
Our Story Book Discovery App
Nerdy Book Club
Lots of links from Lee & Low

Ways to Bring Diversity into Your Child's Reading Life

Reading Without Walls Reading Challenge:

Little Free Library: Read in Color Resources.

The BookStop (posts include the reading suggestion sheets text and the booklist):

I'm Your Neighbor Books: Borrow or acquire a Welcoming Library

Selling Diversity Cheat Sheet:

If you like this classic book, you'll like this diverse one:

WNDB Summer Reading Series:

The Kids Ask Authors Podcast:
Submit a book review to the Kids Ask Authors podcast:

Breathing New Life into Book Clubs, by Sonja Cherry-Paul and Dana Johnson:

Grace's TEDxtalk:

Creative Activities to Do with Grace's Books

Activity Book and Event Kit (Go on Minli's Journey) for Where the Mountain Meets the Moon:

Readers' Theater with Starry River of The Sky and more:

Elaborate Readers' Theater (for the ambitious) and activities for When the Sea Turned to Silver:

One Book Programs with Where the Mountain Meets the Moon:

Ways Grace's books have been integrated in schools: