Saturday, May 28, 2016

Rally the troops for Linda Sue Park!!

So,  I think I've finally started to get a hang of twitter (yes, I've had a twitter account for seven years and am only just figuring out how to really use it...I am a slow learner when it comes to technology!) and while hanging out there, I got a whiff of this competition between Linda Sue Park (the Linda Sue Park, of A Single Shard and A Long Walk to Water fame) and two other authors whom shall not be named. 

Well! We can't let those to other authors win, can we? NO, NO, NO!

So, I'm doing everything I can to insure that #TeamPark reigns victorious! I'm offering five of these prints:

as one of the prizes you can get (by random drawing) if you join #TeamPark! This is NOT one of the Rabbit hOle project perks, this is only a prize if you join #TeamPark! How do you join? So glad you asked:
  1. Go here:
  2. Donate any amount to help build the Rabbit hOle, a national museum of the children's book (HOW COOL IS THAT!??).
  3.  Tweet or DM @LindaSuePark to let me know you've joined #TeamPark! OR email
  4. If you've been recruited for #TeamPark by another team member, please tweet or DM  @LindaSuePark after you make your donation.
Are you already a member of #TeamPark?  Ask friends and family to join the team! For every new team member you recruit, your name will go into the prize drawing AGAIN*, to increase your chances of winning Linda's signed books or my prints!

*I might be offering an advanced reading copy of the new novel as a prize, too (have to see if I can get an extra). So, if you join now and recruit others and you can up your chances of getting it!