Monday, November 9, 2015

on my desk monday

On my desk today is a copy of the newspaper article featuring my week of school visits in Iowa! It was a great trip--I plan to write up more about it later--but in the meantime you can read the article HERE! Thanks so much for having me, Iowa City Schools!


Kris and Constantin said...

Hello Grace -
My daughter, who just turned 11, is so excited that you will be coming to her school on November 20th in Bedford, NY. She is in the fifth grade at Rippowam Cisqua School. We adopted Katerina from China in 2006 at 17 months old. I can't tell you how many times we read your picture books to her as she was growing up. She has most of them and a signed copy of Fortune Cookie Fortunes from when she met you at FCC Culture Day in Liberty State Park, NJ. Kat is currently reading When the Mountain Meets the Moon and she will bring that in next week so that you can sign it. She's looking forward to meeting you again.

Best regards,

haifa ruwaidah said...

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