Wednesday, February 6, 2013

dual day

On my first school visit of the year, I was especially nervous leaving Rain Dragon. Would she be okay without me? To calm my nerves, the Sasquatch sent me occasional photos throughout the day.

As I began with my first presentation:

 Sasquatch took a grumpy Rain Dragon out for a drive:

 she was particularly mad that he wouldn't let her drive

And while I shared my book "The Ugly Vegetables"

Rain Dragon had a bagel and cheered up:

And while I showed the students how to draw a dog:

The Sasquatch took Rain Dragon for a walk:

And when I finished,

Rain Dragon was asleep!

A good day for all! Here's hoping all my school visit days go like this!


Jen said...

You all did great!!! Rain Dragon is SO beautiful. Thanks for sharing such fun pictures! P/S We love The Ugly Vegetables - I think that's my favorite of your picture books.

Joan Romano said...

That was WAY harder on you than on her. Glad Mom & Baby (& Daddy) all survived! Looking forward to having Rain Dragon see Florida!!!

Grace Lin said...

Thanks, Jen & Joan! To be honest, it was only a half day visit. I still have to brave a full day away...