Monday, November 5, 2012

on my desk monday

 I have Starry River of the Sky audiobooks!

I don't have too much to do with the making of the audio books but a friend passed onto me the AudioFile review of it which said: "Kim Mai Guest narrates with a delicate and ethereal voice that adds depth and mystery..Best of all, her “Noxious Toad” burps with gusto."

Have to love that!

Recently, I've been in love with audiobooks--it seems the only way I can "read" books while holding the baby (though I tend to download them rather than get cd's;  I am a complete audible junkie).  I've even been listening to my own books. Is that weird? But when someone else is reading the story, it almost like it's a new story--so interesting to hear someone else's interpretations of my books.

Also, Rain Dragon says the audio books are delicious: