Thursday, November 17, 2011


I've been so behind on this blog! I've been traveling around so much that I haven't had time to  update this as much as I'd like. But the trips have been worth it! I visited Tulsa, OK for the first time ever as part of the Books to Treasure Program:

Featuring my book, Lissy's Friends, the library gave a copy of the book to every child participating in the program (with a bookplate) plus they made a special library card featuring the book. I SO heart the library card!

During the day, I visited schools that welcomed me with large origami animals:

And origami cards:

And at night,  I was special attraction at the Library's auditorium:

With a loooooooong line of people for booksigning. I wish I could give away my books for free more often!

After such hospitality, I didn't want to leave. So, I left a little me behind:

Yes, there's a Pocket Pacy in Tulsa, OK:

Hope someone finds it!