Thursday, July 7, 2011


I admit I am not much of a cook. I like to bake, I like watching other people cook and I like to eat but somehow when I cook I tend to lose interest.

This is especially dangerous when I am writing. In the middle of boiling something, I'll realize that perfect line for the character to say and run to my computer for "only a minute." Suffice to say, it is never only a minute and dinner is ruined.

Lucky for me, I have a very understanding Sasquatch who has taken over dinner duty. And let me say he has taken over dinner duty in a way I could never achieve. Most recently, in honor of my Asian-themed novel-writing, he tried out a recipe to make us an Asian-themed dinner.

Rice porridge with crab, chicken and soft cooked egg from the May 29th New York Times Magazine

I thought I was in a restaurant! And it was soooo good. It's given me an idea for a new picture book too!

This is also why I've gained so much weight since marriage.


jama said...

Looks very yummy -- and such a beautiful presentation! Does the Sasquatch make house calls? :)

Beach Mama said...

You may not be known for your cooking, but you certainly are known for how you write about food!I just finished reading "Year of the Dog" and "Year of the Rat." Every time you described a family meal, it made me hungry! I've been wanting to eat a big Chinese meal ever since. I guess I should get busy!

Grace Lin said...

Thanks, ladies! If you like Chinese food, you will like my upcoming book "Dumpling Days." I think the title says it all!

Jillian said...

Yay, more books!!! If food gives you ideas for books, Grace, then keep on eating! :D