Tuesday, September 29, 2009

museum of anne

After the relatively short visit at Lucy Maud's birthplace, we...er, I decided the next stop would be the Anne of Green Gables Museum.
I found this place quite fascinating. The museum is actually "Silver Bush" the settings of where Lucy Maud's books Pat of Silver Bush and Mistress Pat are based on. It was the home of her cousins' and where she had many happy and fond memories.
In fact, she was married right in this parlor. Apparently, modern-day couples can get married here as well. It is said to be especially popular with passionate Japanese fans.

I have to admit that I can kind of understand that. Because the museum has an incredible amount of fascinating memorabilia. This is the glass door bookcase where Lucy Maud imagined a friend from her reflection, much like Anne's Katie Maurice:

And these are the dishes and drawer/vanity that Lucy Maud describes in Emily of the New Moon:
And across the street is the real Lake of Shining Waters

with lovely landscape all around: