Friday, August 21, 2009

fortune cookie friday

"No melon-peddler cries: Bitter melons! No wine-dealer says: Sour wine!"
-Chinese Proverb


Ann said...

I just had coffee with a friend this morning and wish I had read your proverb first! We would have enjoyed discussing it.
Did the February painting sell? The note under it says the auction is ended...
I started reading your new book, Where the Mountains Meet the Moon to the third graders. They are already involved and worrying about Jade Dragon.
Thank you for all the beauty you add to the world!

Grace Lin said...

Hi Ann,

Thanks for your comment and coming by! I'm so glad the third graders are enjoying the book, such a thrill for me to know that the book is being shared. I really appreciate it.

The Feb. painting did sell, in fact a good friend of mine won it. Hope you catch & bid in the next auction!