Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the magic of facebook

During my tour through the Frisco schools, I randomly typed "I'm in Frisco, TX!" on my facebook status. Within moments, I was contacted by a friend whom I had not seen in over 16 years. She lived in Frisco and faster than it took me to get on the airplane (slight exaggeration) we had set up dinner plans. Wow, the glory of the internet.

I can still remember when I graduating college and learning about this crazy new thing called "e-mail." Now, I have a website, ablog, a facebook books group (hey, please join!) and I never use the phone if I can type. I must be getting old because I am saying to myself the same things I heard adults say when I was a kid--"things change so fast!"

Still, it was a blast catching up with a old high school friend. Makes me nostalgic for my hometown...maybe I should try to set up a booksigning or something there so I can get back there.