Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the bookstore that changed my life

I will be booksigning, reading and leading a dog draw-a-long (a dog drawing lesson) at:

Curious George Bookstore
1 JFK Street (Harvard Sq)
Cambridge, MA 02138
Ph: 617-498-0062
Sat., Feb. 14th from 10am-12pm

Yes, that's THIS Saturday (I meant to tell people earlier, but I forgot. I am the worst promoter of these things). It is a part of the Kids Heart Authors Day program spearheaded by Mitali Perkins. Participating authors were encouraged to proclaim their love of independent bookstores, particularly the one they would be signing at. Me, the delinquent, never sent anything in for the official press release which I am quite ashamed of. Especially as I am signing at the Curious George Bookstore, the place which really did change my life.

You might think I am being over-dramatic with that statement, but I am not. In the beginning of my children's book career, when I didn't even know if I would be able to make it a career, I was a bookseller at the Curious George bookstore. It was a better education in children's books than my four years at art school. Day in and day out I was inundated with children's books and there I truly got a feeling of what makes a good book. It was truly enlightening.

But it was even more life changing than that. While working there, I met Robert--whom I never have regretted in my life, despite the heartaches. I also met Ranida whom I fixed up with Robert's roommate Luke--and they are now a happy family with their first child. So the Curious George Bookstore changed their lives too.

And I am still feeling the effects. I also met talented Alissa Imre Geis there, who became a friend and recently wrote a very sweet post about Lissy's Friends.

So come and see me this Saturday! Maybe the Curious George Bookstore will change your life too!