Friday, March 30, 2007


Today started out leisurely, as my first presentation did not begin until 10:40. However, about 5 minutes before it was time for me to head out to school, I had a panic attack that I had lost my passport. Last night's late return had made me careless and I couldn't remember which "safe" place I had put it. I unsuccessfully searched my hotel room in the time I had left and had to leave in a state of anxiety. I ended up being late for my presentation as well (my taxi driver brought me to the wrong place), so any calm my morning relaxation should have brought was quickly lost.

However, I slowly began to regain it as we visited the Stanley area after school. Stanley is the coastal area, a one-time fishing village. In the mist, one can still see solitary sampans gliding across the waters.

It is also home to the Tin Hau Temple, a temple appropriately dedicated to the goddess of the sea.

Even though I would've like to look at more of the temple in detail, I always feel awkward examining a place where people worship. It seems rather rude to gawk at it like the tourist I am. So we only glanced around briefly.

But, to be honest, the biggest attraction in Stanley is the SHOPPING! There are hundreds of stalls selling everything and anything. I could look around for hours and spend every red cent I've made coming here on the available goods.

And I just might do that. Already, I've bought this cute tiger backpack and this painting; and I want to go back for more. Hmm, I might need to buy another bag just to pack all my stuff in for when I go back. If I CAN get back that is. Still have to find that passport.