Wednesday, October 10, 2012

And the book was launched!

There were bags:
purple goodie bags to match the cover!

There were cookies:
these were the cookies to serve at the event, not the ones in the bags.  The ones in the bags were moon cookies! These were stars, fish and rabbits, all motifs in the book!
And there was a baby:
who was not as excited about the book as I was!
And then the day was here! Book launch day!

People came! Lots' o people!

I told one of the stories in the book:
I tried something new this time, an interactive reading

And I had the audience help me:
those are the 6 suns
that a hero archer must shoot down (no suns were harmed in the reading of this story)
Then there was a signing:
those plates of cookies were empty at the end!
With new and old friends:
Ms. Tien Chen, a teacher, and some of her students who helped me at the launch (Tien helped write wang symbols on people and the students helped hand out the cookies and bags)
Surprisingly, some readers brought me gifts:

This talented baker made me a cookie bouquet!
isn't is amazing! I can't believe how perfect she go the colors of Dumpling Days 
There was a very, very long line:
but everyone was so patient and understanding, especially when I had to take a break for the baby! 
But the people at the end thought it was worth the wait:

after a rough patch in the middle of the event, Rain Dragon recovered her good spirits and might actually be interested in the book now. At least interested in eating it. 
Which means Starry River of the Sky is launched! Thanks so much to all who came and helped send it out in the world!